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Mildred Piltch

Mildred’s Dream Foundation was created in appreciation of the legacy and lifetime work of Mildred Piltch, lovingly referred to as “Millie” by those who knew her well. Born and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, Mildred never wandered far from her roots.

She and her husband Roy raised their family in Cambridge and Brookline, where she saw all nine of her children graduate from her alma mater, Brookline High School. A bright, talented, kind, and compassionate individual, Mildred was an incredible mother. She appreciated and respected the strengths and challenges of all nine children and helped them develop a strong sense of self.


Following Millie’s passion and commitment to making the world a better place.

Mildred’s passion for and commitment to making the world a better place was evident in everything she said and did. Mildred’s Dream Foundation honors her passions: helping those with physical or mental health challenges; eliminating domestic violence and abuse while supporting survivors of such trauma; and providing access to best education possible for everyone. In celebration of the life she lived, her children have created the foundation in her honor. They are hopeful that others will help make Mildred’s dream a reality and make a difference in the world.


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Debbie Piltch

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MDF proudly donates 100% of the money raised from our events and fundraising activities to our selected charities. All costs associated with MDF events and operations are funded by donations from The Piltch Family.